Is Spring The Perfect Time For Homebuyers?

By: Ron Clappison

Is Spring The Perfect Time For Homebuyers?

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The spring is known as the peak season in real estate. Inventory is diverse drawing a large pool of buyers and it's the time when most transactions take place. Despite the new stress tests which have had a psychological impact on buyers, South East Calgary buyers are expected to hit the market from the 2nd quarter onwards. Even if sales will be comparably lower than last year, spring will stil...Read More

By: Ron Clappison

South East Calgary Home Shopping: These Are The Most Common Contingencies

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First-time homebuyers are often confused when hearing about contingent offers on a home. Is it   necessary and do they really need it?   When the market is hot, most buyers   rush their decision as they know that   competition is fierce. But, in a buyer’s market, like the one we have now, contingency offers are standard  &nbs...Read More

By: Ron Clappison

Looking For A Family-Friendly Home in SE Calgary? Here Is What You Should Look For

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Every family deserves a home where they feel comfortable and where they can relax, spend time together (and alone) and bring or invite guests over. Calgary SE is a family-friendly community and there are lots of homes that are well-suited for family life, but what defines a family-friendly home by today’s standards? What does a home have to have to meet the individual needs of all househol...Read More

By: Ron Clappison

What Are The Ultimate No-Gos For Homebuyers?

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Sellers can hope for an increase in home prices in 2018 in almost all parts of Canada, but they still can’t lay back and wait for the perfect buyer without making an effort on their part. Buyers are already faced with stricter stress tests and a higher interest rate (again as of 17 January 2018), and they certainly won’t put up with unpresentable homes on top of all that. Calgary&rsq...Read More

By: Ron Clappison

Calgary’s Prospects for 2018


The Calgary economic forecast looks promising for 2018. Since the big Calgary recession in 2015, the city has recovered well in the past two years, but it will take more for Calgary to reach the status it had prior to the recession. Nevertheless, the “energy city” is getting back on its feet when we look at the steady 2017 developments, like the constant building pace, the drop in th...Read More

By: Ron Clappison

When Buying A Home Think Long-Term

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Buying a home is a big and important investment which means that all aspects should be taken into account when buying one. You should definitely think about how the home will “perform” in several years and if it will meet your needs in ten years or so. Of course, it’s not easy to predict the future, but there are several ways to take precautionary measures when buying a home. ...Read More

By: Ron Clappison

What Is Your Realtor Supposed To Do When You Are Buying A Home With Them?

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Buying a home without a realtor would probably be a risky move, given that the transaction requires deep knowledge of the market conditions and a specific skill set, as well as experience in the real estate business. Hiring a good realtor will certainly help you understand the market and minimize any associating risks that are lurking in the market. A realtor will guide you through the transacti...Read More

By: Ron Clappison

Why Should You Sell Your Home This Winter In Calgary SE?


                              Winter may not be the favorite season to put the house on the market, but selling when no one is comes with a number of benefits, especially this winter. This season represents the last opportunity for homebuyers to apply for a mortgage under the existing mortgage procedure which means that se...Read More

By: Ron Clappison

What makes Communities in Southeast Calgary A Great Downsizing Option For Retired Persons?

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There are many reasons why people decide to downsize, but one of the most common is retirement. After decades of hard work and after the kids have left the family nest, many people start thinking about downsizing and what would be the ideal solution for them. Some of them want to move closer to their children and grandchildren, while others are looking to find a smaller house or yet a condo apar...Read More

By: Ron Clappison

Advantages Of Living In The Suburbs

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When looking for a home, many homebuyers are not sure whether to pick a property in the city core or yet find a beautiful house or a bigger apartment on the outskirts of the city. When we look at the suburbs nowadays, they’ve come a long way regarding the conveniences and amenities they offer. Suburbs are not for families only anymore, but many young couples, singles and retired persons al...Read More